Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta

Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta!

In this, the third installment of our Ambassador Spotlight series, we talk to the incredible & talented ballet dancer Margaryta! (@margo.cher0501)


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Your Health: Weakened Immune System

The immune system is a set of protectors that the body uses to resist bacteria and viruses. As a result of an impairment in the working of this system, very serious illnesses can occur.

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Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Valentine

Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Valentine!

In this, the second installment of our ambassador spotlight series, we talk to the amazing yoga teacher Valentine R. (@carreyia) from Quebec, Canada!


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Four great workout motivation tips

4 great workout motivation tips

When you want to get in shape and stay healthy, getting motivated can often be the hardest part. Here are some of our favorite ideas for increasing your fitness motivation and getting the momentum going for your workout routine.

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