Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta

Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta!

In this, the third installment of our Ambassador Spotlight series, we talk to the incredible & talented ballet dancer Margaryta! (@margo.cher0501)


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A Chat with Joanne, Lifestyle Blogger & Pranamat Owner

A Chat with Joanne, Blogger, Mother of 3 & Pranamat Owner

We asked Joanne, a mother and food & lifestyle blogger from England, to talk to us about her experiences with her Pranamat ECO. We touched on everything from the decision to give Pranamat a try, to her initial impressions, to the specific benefits she feels from using it. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to own a Pranamat, give Joanne’s story a read and find out!  


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Pranamat ECO video reviews

For the effects of massage in your own home, allow a Pranamat ECO to ease the tension of the day. The mat's unique lotus flowers act as pressure points targeting all areas of the body. The Pranamat ECO is proven to alleviate tension in problem areas while stimulating blood flow and the release of endorphins, but don't just take our word for it! Here, two of our Pranamat ECO users offer insight into just how beneficial the Pranamat ECO has been for them. 

The first of our massage mat reviews illustrates how the Pranamat ECO can help to relieve the tension in the back, neck and shoulders caused by anxiety, a problem so many of us with have to deal with in our busy lives.

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