Why your brain needs more downtime

Our lives are becoming busier every day. As a consistently plugged in society, we often forget that our brain needs time to recuperate and recharge to function. You may notice the strain of a stressful life in physical and mental blocks, such as headaches, frustration, irritability and exhaustion.

Here's why you need some downtime, and how to recharge your brain.

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Use Pranamat ECO to de-stress

Use massage mat to de-stress with little effort or cost

With kids starting school, the weather getting colder, work picking up and the holiday season slowly approaching, autumn is easily one of the most stressful times of the year. Without calming beach days and long vacations, it's even harder to de-stress in the coming months. In fact, you may not have any time to set aside for proper relaxation sessions. Luckily, there's now a way to relax without having to stop everything or even really think about de-stressing.

The Pranamat ECO is a massage mat made of eco materials that can help you re-charge with no effort on your part. Take just a few minutes a day to sit or lay on the Pranamat ECO with a cup of tea and a book, and you will instantly notice a difference in your daily stress levels. You can even sit on the Pranamat ECO while working to induce muscle relaxation. There's no certain time of the day you can use the Pranamat ECO...

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