Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta

Spotlight on Pranamat Ambassador Margaryta!

In this, the third installment of our Ambassador Spotlight series, we talk to the incredible & talented ballet dancer Margaryta! (@margo.cher0501)


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Your Health: Weakened Immune System

The immune system is a set of protectors that the body uses to resist bacteria and viruses. As a result of an impairment in the working of this system, very serious illnesses can occur.

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A Chat with Joanne, Lifestyle Blogger & Pranamat Owner

A Chat with Joanne, Blogger, Mother of 3 & Pranamat Owner

We asked Joanne, a mother and food & lifestyle blogger from England, to talk to us about her experiences with her Pranamat ECO. We touched on everything from the decision to give Pranamat a try, to her initial impressions, to the specific benefits she feels from using it. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to own a Pranamat, give Joanne’s story a read and find out!  


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Top tips to improve your sleep

Top tips to improve your sleep

One of the worst feelings is that of being unable to sleep. People who have difficulty sleeping cannot perform at their highest capacity at their workplaces. Likewise, without proper sleep, personal relationships can suffer. Luckily, there are a number of ways to help you improve your sleep.

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do you really need that much sleep

Do you really need that much sleep?

Sleep is important; this is common knowledge. But just how important is it? How much sleep do you need? Can it really throw off your system if you miss a few hours of zzzs? Science says a resounding 'yes.' Missing even as little as 30 minutes of your precious beauty rest can wreak havoc on your system. 

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negative effects lack of sleep

5 negative effects lack of sleep has on your health

Sleep is one of the most important bodily functions. Food and sleep work very hard together to keep our bodies working properly. This is why you need to get enough of each. Here are just a few of the ways lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your life.

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Pranamat ECO for better sleep

Tools and tips for a better night's sleep

What many people don’t understand is that making the most out of your sleep has to do with more than a comfy mattress. In fact, the way you spend your waking hours has a huge impact on the way you spend your time dreaming. It’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the needs of your body. A quality therapeutic massage mat like the Pranamat Eco is one tool that can serve as the cornerstone for a quality life and even better sleep. Take a look at the following tips for sleep and see how they can make an impact on your life.

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How much sleep should you really be getting?

Everyone sleeps differently, and some have trouble sleeping at all. Just as there are differing preferences for how much sleep one gets, there are also differing opinions about what should be considered healthy sleep habits. The fact is that there are certain sleep requirements everyone should meet if they want to be truly healthy. So how much sleep do you need? Today, we'll give you some great information that will shed some light on this very important question.

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importance of sleep

Understanding sleep and your well-being

We’re often told by our doctors, personal trainers, studies, and other sources that we must value rest, that getting ‘enough sleep’ is ‘important’ to our health — but what exactly is enough sleep? Understanding the answer to this question can help us understand the quality of our own rest, and better recognize its impact on our overall well-being.

The importance of sleep
Sleep is a time for our body to recover from the rigors of the day, to rebuild our bodies and minds. When we short-change our body on sleep, the detritus of days — tired muscles, mental stress, minor illnesses — start to build up, leading to worse conditions. This forces our bodies to work overtime during the day, burning resources and energy it would normally replenish during our evening rest. 

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