Causes of muscle spasms and how to stop them

A muscle spasm is simply an involuntary contraction leading to tension and pain. The muscle tends to tense up and stay that way until the problem is solved, perhaps even worsening. If you’ve ever had muscle spasms in your neck, muscle spasms in your back, and/or lower back spasms, you may be familiar with one or more of the following symptoms: 

- Tension and/or pain anywhere along the rope-like muscles that support both sides of your spine, from the back of your skull to the midpoint between your shoulder blades, down through your lower back;
- With muscle spasms in the neck, tension and/or pain in the muscles branching diagonally from your neck vertebrae to your skull;

- A shooting pain that can sometimes accompany the tension down to your hand, which is the result of a pinched nerve;

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