yoga stretches

Every day yoga stretches to feel better

Looking for a set of yoga stretches to carry you through every day with a bit more energy, a bit less weariness and a bit less pain? Pulling out your Pranamat ECO and doing these daily stretches on it will do exactly that, leaving you refreshed and ready to face everything the day has to throw at you. Just be sure to work your muscles and feel for excess tension—you don’t want to overdo it if you’re unused to any of these. By using your Pranamat ECO, you will be able to feel the benefits of these stretches more than when using a regular massage mat.

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lower back pain stretches

​3 lower back stretches to ease back pain

For one reason or another, we have all had it - lower back pain. Women who menstruate are familiar with the constant ache and tension caused when the muscles surrounding the reproductive system contract during a period. Athletes suffer from lower back pain caused through any number of slight injuries. Additionally, those with desk jobs, who spend their days sitting in office chairs, also complain of lower back pain.

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